Tavan & Tolid Cellulose Paytakht Company Services
Company Services

Term to manufacture and launch the machineries:

1. Manufacturing of machineries takes 2 to 3 months based on the weight.
2. Commissioning term is one month to 45 days.
3. Test production and full training of the staff of production section, technical section, quality control, sales management, store – keeping and modern methods of production and sale take one month.

Free of charge services to customers and after – sales services:

1. To present technical, financial, industrial and constructional consultation to construct temporary structures and factory facilities.
2. To present technical and economic justification plan to present to the Department of Industries and banks (for credits).
3. To visit the introduced venue for erection of the project free of charge.
4. To pay frequent visits and present consultation for constructional affairs and facilities.
5. To train the staff of the production, quality control, production management, sales management, store – keeping, accounting, salary and wages sections completely.
6. To conclude contracts for supply of raw materials for at least one year or more.
7. To conclude direct contract with factories using the product or to conclude the purchase contract with our company.
8. To present one – year guarantee of equipment parts except the electrical parts.
9. To facilitate the technical staff to att till when the commissioning and training is completed.
10. To facilitate the quick att ance of the technical staff to remove the possible problems of the production line.
11. To present 24 – hour telephone consultation with regard to technical problems and to remove possible defects.