Resources supplying raw materials
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Price of machineries to produce paste of fluff pulp
Resources supplying raw materials

Required residues to produce the product:

1. Paper residues with Chinese paper from Chinese producing factories in different cities including Tehran, Qom, Kashan, Isfahan, Hamedan, Semnan, Mashhad, Qazvin, etc.

2. Residues of tissues and baby pads could be supplied by active factories that are about 160 or prepared through middlemen or brokers of residues that will be introduced.

3. Cotton linter is supplied from different local cities such as Neyshabour, Gorgan, Ardebil, Bileh Savar, Kermanshah, etc. or through Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, etc.

(2013/5/6 )